April 14, 2013

Creativity - It's Not Imaginary

The subject of creativity in the work place isn’t just another reason to complete a full-socket eye roll, it’s actually a really important thing. Thinking outside the box does not make you weird or unfocussed; in fact there is a lot to gain by letting your mind wander, especially at work. Being able to think abstrusely about problems allows you to create solutions from abstract connections that were otherwise hidden. Who doesn’t love a problem solved?

As an adult, it is easy to send a concept to death with a sarcastic sneer or doubtful comment, however it is important to remember to do the exact opposite when listening to your own or someone else’s idea. Creativity isn’t dangerous, it isn’t going to hurt you, it just makes you uncomfortable because you probably don’t get it. The fact is, you don’t have to get it, you just have to let it be. The bad ideas are shadowed when the good ones outshine them, so it becomes unnecessary to kill ideas that will eventually off themselves.

It is also key to remember you can’t force creativity, you can only encourage it. If you're stuck, get up and take a walk, change your environment. If you’re tired, take a nap and let your subconscious drive for a while. When you wake up, you could have discovered that it’s not the plants, but the ants that cure cancer.

So, the next time your dumb coworker has that improbable or laughable idea, stop and remember how funny electricity is, or how unimportant Picasso's Guernica is. If it weren’t for some amazingly imaginary thinkers, we’d all be in the dark… literally.