April 14, 2013

no need to be so literal.

It is true that a good portion of the population is pretty dense, but that is no reason that the rest of us should have to suffer by making too obvious works of art. Symbolism, allegory, imagery, these are all your friends.

Advertisements want to send you messages faster, but that doesn't make it better, or effective for that matter. In fact, the longer you stay and think about an image, the more connected to it you will become and ultimately more likely to retain the message.

We need to discover, be inspired by, and affected by meanings. When the point is handed to us, it just feels lazy and forgettable, thus it goes down the drain with the other 80% of things we forget each day.

Making art that expresses a thought, idea, or feeling is rewarding, and most of the time the artist is going to make you work for it. I am not saying that all art is good, yes, sometimes I don’t get it either, but if you take just an extra second to reflect on your reaction, you may just understand what the artist was trying to tell you after all.